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Shopping Tips On Finding The Best Headstone

Given the nature of the product along with the lack of experience most people have, searching for and purchasing a headstone for a recently deceased loved one can be difficult. Where can you find out information about purchasing a headstone? What information should be included on the headstone? Look no further than this article! The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

What Type of Headstones Does the Cemetery Allow?

Before you even get started, it is important to find out the type of headstones allowed in the cemetery. Ordering a headstone without finding this information out could leave you stuck with a headstone that the cemetery will not accept.

Cemeteries are generally governed by a set of rules and regulations concerning the type of headstones and monuments allowed in the cemetery. These regulations may contain the following stipulations:

The Type of Headstones Cemeteries may have regulations on the type of headstones allowed in the cemetery, such as upright headstones, flag grave markers, cremation markers and bronze grave markers.

The Size of Headstones Many cemeteries have minimum and maximum requirements.

The Coloring of Headstones Certain graveyards may limit the colors that can be used in a cemetery.

Vase Options Cemeteries can have rules that prevent a vase from being used. Other graveyards may specify the type of materials that can be used.

Some cemeteries require that the owner authorizes the placement of a headstone on the grave. Once you understand the cemeteries requirements and rules surrounding the placement of a headstone, you can begin shopping for a headstone.

Types of Headstones Available There are numerous types available; however, there are four major groups of headstones. Within these groups, there are several styles of headstones.

Upright Headstones An upright headstone is an upright tablet that rests on a granite base.

Slant Markers Slant markers are wedges with the narrow edge pointing upward. These can be placed on a granite base or on the ground.

Flat Grave Markers Flat grave markers are made from either marble or granite. These stones are small, economical and set flush with the ground.

Flat Bronze Grave Markers These markers are often required in modern cemeteries across the country. They consist of a bronze plaque that is usually mounted to a granite base.

Finding the Best Prices on Headstones In order to properly compare prices from company to company, you must have have the exact particulars, including:

- The size of the headstone and any other components - The color of the granite, such as Barre gray, Dakota Mahogany, Georgia Gray or Sunset Red - The finish of the headstone, such as penciled edges, balanced rock pitch, all steeled, polish 2 or polish 5 - The design and exact lettering of the headstone (for best results, have a drawing that shows the design and layout of the headstone. - Any other items, such as a statue, vase or ceramic picture

These details will help you better compare prices between different companies.

The following tips will help you when searching for a good deal on headstones: a. Cemeteries usually have the highest prices b. Monument dealers generally have the largest selection of headstones c. Internet retailers usually have the best price.

Personalizing Memorial Headstones Once you have found the best dealer and the type of headstone you wish to purchase, it is time to personalize the headstone with your loved one's information. The headstone should include your loved one's name, date of birth and date of death. In addition to this, you may want to consider:

Artwork or designs can enhance the headstone. An epitaph on the headstone is a great way for visitors to learn about the deceased. Symbols or emblems can be used to accent the headstone. You can even have a ceramic portrait of your loved one added to the headstone.

Accessories for the Headstone In some cemeteries, accessories can be added to the headstone. These accessories can include a flower vase or a ceramic picture of the deceased. If the headstone is located in a veteran's section of a cemetery, you may be able to add a flag holder to th headstone. This will allow a small American flag to be flown. Other cemeteries allow statues made of either marble, granite or bronze to be placed on or beside the headstone.

Always make sure to research before purchasing a headstone. Also, do not rush just for the sake of having a headstone. Take your time and educate yourself about the types of headstones allowed. When you begin shopping for a headstone, do not just go to the first place and order a headstone. Instead, shop around to find the best value.

What Is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a medical condition that is characterized by distress and discomfort when a person is away from his or her parents or home. In fact, it is normal for a child to feel occasionally anxious when he/she is away from his/her parents. But separation anxiety is a condition where a child feels anxious at all times when they are alone. It can affect the quality of life of such a child by limiting his/her ability to engage in ordinary activities. Kids who are suffering from this condition become anxious as soon as they separate from the primary caregiver, whether the person is a parent, nanny, relation, or any other caregiver. This article provides an overview of separation anxiety.

Unlike kids who are shy and quiet, children with separation anxiety will become quite anxious when they are away from their home. This condition affects more than 3% children in the country. These children usually have other family members in their family suffering from anxiety disorders. There are complex genetic and environmental problems behind the tendency to develop separation anxiety. In fact, a certain level of separation anxiety is to be expected and is quite normal in kids between the ages of one and six years old. The first signs of this condition are seen when a child is eight to ten months old. This is the time when a kid becomes anxious when meeting a stranger which is called stranger anxiety. But when a child is suffering from separation anxiety disorder he or she may have excessive worries when separated from the caregivers, which is much greater than their peers. The worry can come up even when such a child is ready to leave for school or go to sleep. These children often have irrational fears such as a fear that his/her parents may suddenly become ill or die. They can refuse to play with friends or leave their parents due to this anxiety.

Diagnosing the condition can be quite difficult because these children have more than one symptom. Also, such kids may have frequent physical complaints. These complaints also need to be medically evaluated. A child psychiatrist is the best professional to diagnose this condition. Children suffering from this condition may refuse to leave the caregiver to go to school. They may avoid most of the activities with their peers. They have a low self-esteem and difficulty in concentrating due to the persistent worry.

This condition is usually treatable through ongoing interventions provided by the child psychiatrist. Counseling, medicines, and treatments to reduce the sources of stress that are affecting the kid. Counseling will help reduce the impact of the symptoms on his/her daily life. Antidepressants are usually prescribed to treat the symptoms of the condition. Once taken for more than 2-4 weeks, antidepressants will help reduce the symptoms of the disorder.

The aforementioned article provides an overview of separation anxiety disorder which affects more than three percent of the child population in the country.