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Wedding Planning Budget Hacks

Spending for a wedding can be intimidating. But you dont actually have to spend so much to have a beautiful wedding. You just have to be very smart about it. Here are some hacks to help you plan your wedding within your budget:

Hack no. 1: Have a budget

This isnt really a hack. Its actually the most practical thing to do. Check your finances. Consult your partner and your family as to how much you can afford for this wedding. Pro tip: planning on who spends for what helps lessen the financial burden.

Hack no. 2: Plan and work on that budget

Once youve set your budget, you can start with your plans. Make sure you have a vision and a theme. What type of wedding do you want? Where do you want your wedding to happen? When are you having it? This will make things easier and can actually help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Hack no. 3: Prepare a guest list

As you plan for your wedding, it's very important to have a guest list early on. Start listing the priority guests. They are the ones without whom you can't imagine getting married. Then add those folks who will be nice to have around on your special day. Arrange them according to priority, so when the budget runs low, you can easily cut the list.

Hack no. 4: List your priorities

Aside from your wedding guests, also list the different elements of your wedding that you consider priority. For instance, having a beautiful wedding dress might be on top of your list. You might also want to prioritize the venue and the food.

List your "must haves" and your "nice to haves." The must haves are your priorities, while the nice to haves are those things which you'd like if you have some money left in your budget. Choosing which ones to prioritize all depends on your personality as a couple.

Hack no. 5: Use the spend or splurge technique

In relation to your priority list, you should also list things that you have to spend on, and those that you can splurge on. Picture it as dividing your budget like a pie. Your priorities in this list will also get a bigger share of the pie.

Hack no. 6: DIY some of the details

Doing things yourself can also help a lot when planning a wedding within your budget. It's one good way to cut costs. Take a look at your plan and see if there are some details that you can take care of yourself. For instance, you can work on your own invites. These little things can actually make a huge difference.

Hack no. 7: Choose the best value

Lastly, it's very important to be keen on your suppliers. Take time to look for the best quality at a price within your budget. There's also no harm in trying to haggle.


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