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5 Steps To Choosing Wedding Music For Your Big Day

It may not seem like a big deal, but choosing your wedding soundtrack for your big day is one of the most important things you can do to help set the mood. Music has the power to stir up emotions, so picking the right playlist is essential in planning the perfect day. Want to know how you can get the music just right? Here are 5 steps to choosing the right wedding music for the reception.

1. Decide whether youre hiring a band or a DJ

The first thing you need to do is figure out whether youre going to have live music or a DJ on your wedding day. Dont forget to consider your venue, the cost, and how effective you think your choice would be in setting the tone of the ceremony. If you cant decide on just one, you can have a combination of both depending on the songs you will choose for the ceremony and reception.

2. Pick a theme

Having a theme will ensure that everything about your wedding day feels and looks cohesive. If youre having a theme wedding, make sure that your playlist matches the style that youre aiming for. A Great Gatsby-style wedding, for example, will have a lot of jazz classics while a barn wedding wouldnt be complete without a good mix of country tracks. While its completely fine to have an eclectic mix of songs, make sure that you put your playlist in an order that still sounds cohesive.

3. Focus on the feeling you want to convey

Are you going for a serene and solemn wedding, or do you want it to be upbeat and fun? Your choice of songs can help set the vibe that you want to convey on your special day. Dont be afraid to explore different genres and artists that you normally dont listen to. Who knows, you might just uncover a few surprises along the way.

4. Check the lyrics

The last thing you need is to hear an awkward line or a cuss word in the background as you recite your wedding vows in front of your closest family and friends. Before you add songs to your wedding playlist, make sure to read the lyrics to get their real gist. This way, youll be able to pick songs that tell the story that you want your wedding guests to hear.

5. Test it out

Before the big day, have a listening party with your closest friends to test out your wedding playlist. Run the whole playlist from start to finish to see how well the songs will fit the occasion. If any of the songs feel out of place, dont be afraid to swap them out for songs that will suit the mood better. Dont worry! There are countless songs to choose from.


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