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The Role Of Confidence In Fulfilling Dreams And Happiness

Do you have dreams for a better life and to find happiness and success? If you feel that you are capable of achieving more in your life, it is helpful to find people who can inspire and teach you how to reach your goals and become more self-confident. A great way to do this is by watching videos online and an abundant source for these are self-help YouTube channels that are dedicated to motivation and personal development. Lets take a look at how these can help you to improve your life.

Firstly, many of the well-known self-help speakers and teachers have their own YouTube channels where they reveal their secrets of success. Ask someone you respect which videos they recommend to check out . They all have their own styles and ideas and you can discover valuable insights that can help you to make changes in your life.

This may include practical advice on how you can set and reach your goals or ways you can overcome limiting beliefs and build self In addition to inspiring words, you can also learn techniques that can help you to succeed and lift your emotions. Visualization and reprogramming your subconscious mind are examples of powerful ways you can align yourself to your own dreams and purpose. If you can model how successful people have achieved big goals and found happiness in their lives, you can begin to see a shift in your own life. YouTube makes it easy for you to subscribe to channels that you like so that you can watch new videos as they are released.

A further type of self-help YouTube channel that you may find helpful consists of clips of great speeches accompanied by inspirational music. These videos can be very uplifting and motivational, as well as featuring many great highlights of the top personal development speakers and other successful people. The lessons you can learn from these are still very valuable and you get the added benefit of having your emotions lifted which can inspire you to take action.

If you want to discover the secrets of success and happiness, YouTube is a great resource for videos that can help you to achieve your dreams. The channels that are dedicated to self-help and personal development can provide insights and inspiration to give you the confidence to reach your goals.

How Are Tamil Horoscopes Different From Regular Ones

Are you trying to figure out something that is difficult to understand in your life? It might be a relationship that you are in, and you're not sure which direction to go. Whether you stay with this person or move on might be based upon additional information that you can get. This can come from a horoscopes, and there are many different kinds including Tamil horoscopes that are available. Let's look at whether or not these are different from regular ones and what information you can benefit from by reading these regularly.

What Are Tamil Horoscopes?

These are simply horoscopes that are written by people that the this language, or are doing them from this perspective. This is an ancient language related to Sanskrit, and is used in places like India. This deep connection with our ancient past may actually be beneficial when coming up with this type of information. Horoscopes are not simply about reading the signs presented by the sun, moon, stars and planets, but an inclination that a person may have about you and the path you are on.

How Most People Use Them

People that use any type of TamilJOthifdam horoscopes such as these from Dayita Rao, often find themselves making tough decisions with a lot more self-confidence. It's sort of like talking to a friend, someone that knows you very well and can offer you good insight. Once you have read this information, you can consider what has been presented in your life, and also in the horoscopes that you will read. By comparing everything, and making a decision that will definitely improve your life, you will see the value of this type of information.

Why Tamil Horoscopes Different From Regular Ones

These horoscopes are not going to be that much different. They may be written in a different language. They may also be created by people that have a different concept of how these signs go together, allowing them to make conclusions that may be more helpful for you. Other than that, you will still be able to understand what they are saying and apply it to your life.

You should find Tamil Horoscopes online, and you will be able to use this information. It will only take a few minutes of your day to look at what it has to say. Finally, you should be able to compare this with other horoscopes which are going to be quite similar. This extracurricular knowledge is used by millions of people all over the world, and you can also use it to make tough decisions.

Founder Of A Men's Group Reflects On Tribal Customs

Celebrating the Fourth birthday of a mens group recently, the founder and facilitator spoke with me to reveal what the inspiration was for its creation.

Once a month, in a modest suburban backyard in the modern metropolitan area of Melbourne, a community of men brave the infamous Melbourne weather to meet around an outdoor fire and be involved in the 'Mens Fire Circle'.

Interviewer "So what led to you beginning the Men's Fire Circle?"

"It was after turning 50. It was a fairly momentous milestone and in the days following I noticed myself reviewing life, and one of the subjects I was contemplating was how discontented I felt with the spiritual leadership on offer in this culture, or lack thereof. It appears to be that our spiritual institutions have exhausted all their moral authority, and I noticed myself fantasising about just what my life might be like if I lived in a hunter gatherer society where individuals knew themselves as part of a tribal community ... It was about then that I had this epiphany and I said to myself "You have just turned fifty Dave, that means you're an elder, so exactly what are you going to do about it, complain and be a victim or man up, be a leader and then do something about it."

"That thought truly hit home and so I decided to set up a mens-community based upon the old classical tribal values of Men collecting around fire to converse on men's issues, and the idea for the Mens Fire Circle took form."

Interviewer: "Why did you go for a Men's Circle, why not just a circle for anyone?"

"That's an interesting question. At the time I really felt a clear need to observe tribal cultures for my vision. I really wanted to return to something closer to nature, and it seemed to me that in tribal cultures there was a definite significance placed on initiation events and a realization of both the many different needs, along with particular roles in connection with each of the sexes. I had a hunch that if in their wisdom, leaders of tribes had seen value in males and females assembling according to their specific gender to talk about and also guide each other with the particular trials and tribulations common to their own gender, then I concluded, it would be a good principle for the circle I create to be guided by their leadership also."

Reporter: "To what degree have you noticed the gender exclusive design to work, is it helpful or do you feel the loss of the equilibrium of the feminine?"

"Originally I felt uneasy about this, but paradoxically, what I have found is that it appears much easier for a number of men to get connected with their feminine side in circle if women are absent. I sense there are two aspects at play with this. The first is that, in many cases men need to speak about troubles they are having with their intimate romantic relationships, and doing that solely with their own gender appears to grant them a bit of extra scope to impart openly and also genuinely regarding the way they feel with respect to 'the woman' in their lives. I think they perceive that other men can make sense of their concerns more completely. Maybe it's because we have actually all been a party to the very same cultural conditioning, so we are running our lives from the same expectations.

The 2nd aspect is, when the circle is all males, there are no sexual interferences. There's no competing for the attention of the females, no undertaking to "make it" with the other sex. With any prospective sexual diversions taken out, this seems to free up every person to be a lot more honest."

The Men's Fire Circle meets at 7.30 pm on the fourth Tuesday each month, in Greensborough, which is a suburb of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia. You can locate the groups website with all the information of upcoming gatherings, and the option of subscribing for email notices of the meetings, click here:

How Astrology Can Be Used To Determine A Career

According to the Zodiac, certain aspects of ones lifestyle and work can make him/her succeed in life or fail. Because of this, there are people who choose a career based on Career astrology forecasting. The Zodiac came up with 5 elements that can be used to recommend a career that is suitable for an individual.

Individuals that are fond of flowing water are poised to choose a career in any of the following professions:

Chemical engineering Irrigation Travel Supermarkets Import and export business Laundry Professional consulting Offer personal services such as cleaning

Individuals who love heat or light can choose a career in any of these fields:

Electrical engineering Fuel Computer Electronics Welding Glass making Fireworks Restaurants Food processing Movie production Work in oil companies Laser Semiconductors

On the other hand, individuals that enjoy natural organisms and the environment will find a career in the creative field fulfilling. They could choose careers in the following areas:

Forestry Biology Medicine Gardening Woodwork Magazine, Bookstore Astrology Religion Mentoring

The following astrological criteria are used in choosing a professional path

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These are outgoing individuals. They are confident and dynamic. They are the people who are suitable in careers that involve the government since it gives them power that boosts their ego. They can also do well in careers such as education and construction.


These are men and women who are practical in their approach. They are drawn to earth, a sign that helps them acquire certain traits. They make decisions after considering many factors and dont act on impulse. The career fields that are thought to be suitable to these people include interior designing accounting finance and law. These areas cater for their luxurious and artistic nature.


These are individuals who love and seek variety. They get bored with routine jobs. They do well in careers such as architecture, writing and designing. They love to talk and communicate and can be effective in marketing careers.


People who have Cancer as their sign are normally emotional, imaginative kindhearted. They are protective and are suitable for careers in psychology, legal services and nursing. These people can also excel in history archeology.


These are people who are born as leaders. They are charismatic, optimistic and have a huge ego. They lust for power, leadership and limelight. They are the people who love being at the centre stage and easily win the adulation of the masses. They excel in entertainment, real estate and engineering.


These are individuals who are detail oriented and passionate about the acquisition of knowledge in the field of their choice. They make great careers in the field of writing, editing and social work.