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Using Self Awareness To Improve Relationships

If you are struggling in your relationships it is best to do some self-awareness. This can help you figure out why you are having the trouble that you are having. There is a lot to having a good relationship with someone and part of that is being the right person. Through self-awareness, you can become that right person for someone else.

The first thing you should do is to start to journal. Journaling can help you figure out who you are and what you are doing with your life. You can learn a lot about yourself by doing so. Try to journal every day and then look back over the things you have written to have a better understanding of yourself.

You should also make notes on your qualities. Write down your good ones as well as your bad ones. Think about what you can offer someone else. Then think about what you need to work on to better yourself.

After you do that you should think about your past relationships. Try to figure out what went wrong and why they fell apart. If you are unsure and willing to talk to your ex-partner, you should do that to learn more about what happened.

Once you have done all of that you should take all the information you have about yourself and try to find out what you can do to better yourself before you start another relationship. It would be best if you could figure out examples about why things fell apart so you won't continue to do those things in your next relationship.

The only way you will improve your life is if you figure out where you went wrong in the past. This doesn't just apply to relationships but you can apply it to other parts of your life as well. Think about the ways you have messed up and work for change. Once you have done your own inner work find the best astrologer you feel comfortable with. With astrology world leaders in the past used this knowledge to help bring compromise and resolution between the countries partners.

In an astrology consultation you will find out more about why relationships can be problematic. The astrologer will explain the planets that govern relationships, such as Venus for love, the moon for emotions, mercury for communication, Mars for attraction. In most cases there can be complications with your Venus with the difficult planets such as Saturn or Pluto that are creating havoc in your love life. Your astrology consultation will enlighten you on these issues and you can use that information to embark upon healing and self awareness. This will reveal to you why you can be attracting the wrong people into your life and from there you can choose different.

Being self-aware can help you find a good relationship. You will know what you need and what you can bring to the other person. You know the types of people you should stay away from and the types of people you should look for. Finding a good relationship can help you in your life and allow you to have a better future. It would be worth your time to figure out how to change for the better.

Feelings And Emotions For Creativity

When you feel demotivated or not in the mood to create art, you can learn to channel your feelings and emotions to help you write, paint, draw, or just basically express yourself through art. Some people would rather avoid using their feelings and emotions this way, as there is a huge percentage that they would be drawn to negativity and their shadow selves. However, when used properly, these emotions and feelings can be rich sources of experience and creativity, thus making catharsis work for you.

First, you have to acknowledge what you are feeling. If it is pain, then you can use it as creative energy. A lot of people write poems and songs as their way to release whatever negative emotions they are experiencing. While some of these creative outputs might be touted as "corny" or "sappy," they nevertheless help the person pour out his innermost thoughts and feelings.

To start, you can sit still and drink in the quiet of a place. Try not to repress your emotions. Learn to meditate as this will immensely help you in processing your feelings. Whenever you're in an emotional state, your thoughts could get muddled and you might find it difficult to string these thoughts together. Meditation before starting on a creative activity allows you to get in touch with your psyche so you could get rid of distractions that impede your creativity.

You need to release these feelings, especially if they are negative. Keeping them to yourself will do you no good. Instead, channel your frustrations and find the best creative release for you. If you have a talent in drawing, then illustrate whenever you feel bad or uneasy. If you are good in writing stories or composing songs, then you could take advantage of these avenues for emotional release. As much as possible, let go of any negativity because they also might give you physical pains (i.e. headaches, chest pains, palpitations). Throw your anxiety and worries into the air and breathe deeply. Recall any happy times when you are doing something that you love, and maintain this mindset as you work on your creative output.

While it is all right to use art as catharsis, and to basically start with negative emotions when you want to be productive in your arts, you should direct yourself to more positive feelings as you are letting go of negative ones. You will see the improvement in your art as well, and you wouldn't regret that you did not feel a lot of negative emotions in the past. More information about emotions check my blog

Hypnosis For Confidence: Three Ways To Get Rid Of Self-doubt

Self-doubt can be crippling. On top of making you question your self-image, it can invent fears. Instead of letting it decrease your confidence level, take initiative. Since self-doubt is conquerable mentally, turn to hypnotherapy.

With hypnosis for confidence, you can overcome self-doubt and learn to believe in yourself more.

Here are three ways that hypnosis can help:

1. Appreciate your strengths.

Hypnosis proposes the appreciation of personal strengths. Pat yourself on the back for your top qualities. Since doing so reminds you of your capabilities, recall the times when success favored you. Be proud of your achievements even if these are minor ones. On your own, boost your confidence.

Did you win a spelling bee? Were you part of a team that won a national championship? Were you on the top of your class in high school? Do you keep a perfect record as an employee? Since victories of sorts remind you that you have what it takes, your self-esteem level goes up a notch.

2. Be resilient.

With a resilient attitude, be willing to cope with unfavorable circumstances. You can cry in defeat for a while but learn to bounce back eventually. Tell yourself not to give in to mistakes, heartbreaks, failures, and disappointments easily. As hypnotherapists would usually suggest, always be bold enough to want to try again.

As much as you want to be victorious all the way, accept the fact that sometimes, situations play out against you. Smile through challenges and be brave enough to keep on going. Rather than berate yourself with harsh words, be gentle. Although you failed to be on the winning side, take comfort in the fact that your performance is good - if not excellent. Remind yourself that experiencing losses doesnt mean that you lack outstanding capabilities.

3. Eliminate negativity.

Through hypnosis, you teach your mind to eliminate negativity. Whether consciously or not, avoid belittling personal abilities. Toxic thinking is influential; it makes you feel hopeless, and it can drag you down. Take note that only with the absence of a dark cloud can you boost your self-esteem. Some examples of negative thoughts are I dont think I can handle this, This is too difficult, and This requires major life changes.

With optimism, you can negate the impossibilities. When it comes to ambitions, you are headstrong. Remember to be your own cheerleader and defy mental challenges. You can feel a zap of energy that supports you on the road to achieving goals.

Self Esteem And Exercise

A study recently conducted Clinical Psychological Science included a survey of seven thousand Dutch students on the 11 16 age group. It showed that teens taking part in team sports activities developed more self estemm and had a better autoimagen as compared to those who did not participate. They also showed less aggressive behavior, anxiety, social withdrawal and tendency of getting into problems. Indeed, exercise has been proven in many researches to be helpful in building self-esteem. Find out why this is so.

It gives goals to achieve

Exercise provides people with the chance to set goals and accomplish them. They can frequently set new goals, such as running 1 mile every day, and achieving these helps make their self-esteem go up. With realistic goals which can be achieved, self esteem can be given a big boost.

It enhances physical beauty

Regular exercise makes people physically more beautiful. About 91% of women are found to have lower self-image and self-confidence due to a bad physical shape. 20% men and 30% women report of considering plastic surgery sometime in future. 58% of teens who go to college feel that they have to attain an ideal weight. Exercising regularly can help in weight management, clean the complexion and make the body glow from within, thus enhancing physical beauty and self-image.

It alleviates depression and anxiety

Every time one exercises, there is a release of a chemical from the brain known as endorphins. This helps lift the mood and can reduce the chemicals which can cause depression. Exercise helps warm up the body and produces a calming sensation. A lot of researchers believe regular workouts can be a cure or a part of the treatment of such mental problems. It keeps one involved

Above all, exercise helps a person participate in something productive without the help of anyone else. You can choose any workout that you like, and do it with sincerity. Whether running a couple of miles on the treadmill, rock climbing, cycling or playing soccer, you can select any exercise that you like and it will take your mind off various other things that depress or trouble you. It can increase the focus Regular exercise keeps the body and mind focused on specific activities, and the stamina and concentration gained from the efforts can also help a person in carrying out daily activities. You will not find your mind wandering away too easily in the midst of important tasks.

How To Overcome Addiction Using Self-help Audio Books

One of the best ways to help you learn different strategies in overcoming an addiction is to ask help from a therapist. However, some people say that what keeps them from seeing a therapist is because each session with the therapist can take some time, and they find it hard to insert this into their busy schedule. In addition, undergoing therapy with a good therapist is often quite expensive. These are just some of the reasons why many people end up looking for other ways to help them.

Nowadays, you can easily search for practically any information that you need from the internet. If you search online for ways to help you overcome an addiction, youll notice that there will be lots of self-improvement articles and videos. Its a good idea to look for a good self-improvement audio book, which you can use by simply listening to an expert who will be giving you detailed instructions.

Meditation and hypnosis are some of the most common techniques used by most experts in helping people who are struggling with addiction. Its helpful to look for audio books on meditation for addiction recovery. You can also search for audio books about how to overcome addiction with hypnosis. These are great tools for helping you learn how to manage your health properly, and to take back complete control of your life.

In addition, there are lots of audio books about other self-help topics, which you might be interested in. Its a good idea to search for audio books about the tools that you can use to help you achieve balance in life, how to experience inner peace, and other self-help therapies.

You can listen to these audio books at your most convenient time in the comforts of your own home. You just simply listen, focus and follow the instructions. However, whenever youre listening to an audio book, its important to be in a place that is safe, quiet and free from distractions. Its not advisable to play it when youre in a place where you cant focus listening to it, like when youre driving or when youre in a room with other people around.

To help create your room to become more conducive for meditation, its a good idea to turn the lights down low. Keep in mind that as you listen to the audio, youll slowly get into a meditation trance state. In order to make your meditative experience nice and smooth, just simply try to relax. You dont need to worry yourself about doing it right. Just simply listen to the instructions with mindfulness, and allow yourself to relax and enjoy.

Learn more about preparing for meditation by watching the video below.

Aside from listening to audio books to help you fight an addictive behaviour, its also very helpful to make sure that youre eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep each night. Continue to find other ways to help you overcome addiction. As long as you put in the right effort, youll surely find the best techniques to help you get better.