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Feelings And Emotions For Creativity

When you feel demotivated or not in the mood to create art, you can learn to channel your feelings and emotions to help you write, paint, draw, or just basically express yourself through art. Some people would rather avoid using their feelings and emotions this way, as there is a huge percentage that they would be drawn to negativity and their shadow selves. However, when used properly, these emotions and feelings can be rich sources of experience and creativity, thus making catharsis work for you.

First, you have to acknowledge what you are feeling. If it is pain, then you can use it as creative energy. A lot of people write poems and songs as their way to release whatever negative emotions they are experiencing. While some of these creative outputs might be touted as "corny" or "sappy," they nevertheless help the person pour out his innermost thoughts and feelings.

To start, you can sit still and drink in the quiet of a place. Try not to repress your emotions. Learn to meditate as this will immensely help you in processing your feelings. Whenever you're in an emotional state, your thoughts could get muddled and you might find it difficult to string these thoughts together. Meditation before starting on a creative activity allows you to get in touch with your psyche so you could get rid of distractions that impede your creativity.

You need to release these feelings, especially if they are negative. Keeping them to yourself will do you no good. Instead, channel your frustrations and find the best creative release for you. If you have a talent in drawing, then illustrate whenever you feel bad or uneasy. If you are good in writing stories or composing songs, then you could take advantage of these avenues for emotional release. As much as possible, let go of any negativity because they also might give you physical pains (i.e. headaches, chest pains, palpitations). Throw your anxiety and worries into the air and breathe deeply. Recall any happy times when you are doing something that you love, and maintain this mindset as you work on your creative output.

While it is all right to use art as catharsis, and to basically start with negative emotions when you want to be productive in your arts, you should direct yourself to more positive feelings as you are letting go of negative ones. You will see the improvement in your art as well, and you wouldn't regret that you did not feel a lot of negative emotions in the past. More information about emotions check my blog


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