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Self Esteem And Exercise

A study recently conducted Clinical Psychological Science included a survey of seven thousand Dutch students on the 11 16 age group. It showed that teens taking part in team sports activities developed more self estemm and had a better autoimagen as compared to those who did not participate. They also showed less aggressive behavior, anxiety, social withdrawal and tendency of getting into problems. Indeed, exercise has been proven in many researches to be helpful in building self-esteem. Find out why this is so.

It gives goals to achieve

Exercise provides people with the chance to set goals and accomplish them. They can frequently set new goals, such as running 1 mile every day, and achieving these helps make their self-esteem go up. With realistic goals which can be achieved, self esteem can be given a big boost.

It enhances physical beauty

Regular exercise makes people physically more beautiful. About 91% of women are found to have lower self-image and self-confidence due to a bad physical shape. 20% men and 30% women report of considering plastic surgery sometime in future. 58% of teens who go to college feel that they have to attain an ideal weight. Exercising regularly can help in weight management, clean the complexion and make the body glow from within, thus enhancing physical beauty and self-image.

It alleviates depression and anxiety

Every time one exercises, there is a release of a chemical from the brain known as endorphins. This helps lift the mood and can reduce the chemicals which can cause depression. Exercise helps warm up the body and produces a calming sensation. A lot of researchers believe regular workouts can be a cure or a part of the treatment of such mental problems. It keeps one involved

Above all, exercise helps a person participate in something productive without the help of anyone else. You can choose any workout that you like, and do it with sincerity. Whether running a couple of miles on the treadmill, rock climbing, cycling or playing soccer, you can select any exercise that you like and it will take your mind off various other things that depress or trouble you. It can increase the focus Regular exercise keeps the body and mind focused on specific activities, and the stamina and concentration gained from the efforts can also help a person in carrying out daily activities. You will not find your mind wandering away too easily in the midst of important tasks.


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