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What Is The Year Of The Monkey?

In the Chinese zodiac, there is a 12 year cycle with an animal to represent each year in the cycle. The monkey is ranked ninth in the cycle. The year of the monkey relates to any year that falls ninth in the 12 year cycle. Examples of years of the monkey include 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004. The next year of the monkey will be 2016.

"Monkeys", or anyone born in the years of the Monkey, are said to be cautious about their health, career, love lives and investments.


So just what is the year of the Monkey and what are horoscopes based on this year like?. What personal characteristics to people born in the Monkey year have?

Just like the monkey itself, people born in its years tend to be very witty and intelligent and have a charismatic personality. Other people are easily drawn to them. Curiosity, mischievousness and cleverness are traits that make Monkeys cheeky and naughty.

Because of their mischievous nature, Monkeys love practical jokes, but they sometimes unintentionally hurt other people's feelings. Their witty and intelligent nature allows them to be fast learners, and people who are quick to grab opportunities. Their intelligence also makes them interested in a wide number of things. This can be attributed to their curiosity too. Most people love the outgoing, fun and eccentric nature of Monkeys; however, not everyone trusts them. Some find their sly and inquisitive nature a cause for wariness.

Despite their intelligence and creativity, Monkeys are not good at expressing their various talents. Furthermore, Monkeys love challenges and are hence best suited for the fast paced lifestyle of urban areas as opposed to rural ones.


In general, Monkeys tend to be very healthy because of the active lifestyles they live. If a Monkey falls sick, their illness involves the nervous or circulatory system more often than not.

Monkeys may need to spend more time on their daily responsibilities, so they need to be constantly reminded to take a break every once in a while and reserve their energy.

Monkeys love outdoor activities and should exercise extreme caution while driving or traveling.

Best Jobs

Monkeys are energetic, and this often translates to them being very hardworking. They are flexible and can easily adapt to changing work environments. The best career choices for Monkeys would be science, accounting, banking, stock market trading, engineering, film directing, salesmanship and air traffic control.


In relationships, Monkeys tend to take their time to settle down. This is because Monkeys tend to get bored very easily. This behavior or theirs ends when they find the right person. Once they find that person, they will commit to them in every way possible.


Monkeys are self-assured, versatile, sociable and innovative. They are thirsty for knowledge and have remarkable memories. They are assertive and no have no qualms about going after what they want in life.


Monkeys are known to be, at times, jealous, cunning, arrogant and selfish. They give up on something that does not prove to be a challenge to them. They are also very impatient and tend to look down on others.

How Astrology Can Be Used To Determine A Career

According to the Zodiac, certain aspects of ones lifestyle and work can make him/her succeed in life or fail. Because of this, there are people who choose a career based on Career astrology forecasting. The Zodiac came up with 5 elements that can be used to recommend a career that is suitable for an individual.

Individuals that are fond of flowing water are poised to choose a career in any of the following professions:

Chemical engineering Irrigation Travel Supermarkets Import and export business Laundry Professional consulting Offer personal services such as cleaning

Individuals who love heat or light can choose a career in any of these fields:

Electrical engineering Fuel Computer Electronics Welding Glass making Fireworks Restaurants Food processing Movie production Work in oil companies Laser Semiconductors

On the other hand, individuals that enjoy natural organisms and the environment will find a career in the creative field fulfilling. They could choose careers in the following areas:

Forestry Biology Medicine Gardening Woodwork Magazine, Bookstore Astrology Religion Mentoring

The following astrological criteria are used in choosing a professional path

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These are outgoing individuals. They are confident and dynamic. They are the people who are suitable in careers that involve the government since it gives them power that boosts their ego. They can also do well in careers such as education and construction.


These are men and women who are practical in their approach. They are drawn to earth, a sign that helps them acquire certain traits. They make decisions after considering many factors and dont act on impulse. The career fields that are thought to be suitable to these people include interior designing accounting finance and law. These areas cater for their luxurious and artistic nature.


These are individuals who love and seek variety. They get bored with routine jobs. They do well in careers such as architecture, writing and designing. They love to talk and communicate and can be effective in marketing careers.


People who have Cancer as their sign are normally emotional, imaginative kindhearted. They are protective and are suitable for careers in psychology, legal services and nursing. These people can also excel in history archeology.


These are people who are born as leaders. They are charismatic, optimistic and have a huge ego. They lust for power, leadership and limelight. They are the people who love being at the centre stage and easily win the adulation of the masses. They excel in entertainment, real estate and engineering.


These are individuals who are detail oriented and passionate about the acquisition of knowledge in the field of their choice. They make great careers in the field of writing, editing and social work.