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A Quick Celtic Astrology Background Explanation

Of the many different types of astrology that are out there, Celtic astrology is one of the most interesting. It is different from the rest because of additional variables that are associated with the constellations used for zodiac signs. It is a lunar based astrology, one that has 13 signs instead of 12. One of the primary differences is that it uses crystal stones and trees in its correlation with personality traits that people will have as a result of the day that they were born. Let's look at Celtic astrology in summary providing you with a little bit of background information that can help you decide whether or not this type of astrology is for you.

A Background On Celtic Astrology

Due to the emphasis of the Celtic people on nature, and also the moon as their primary way of keeping track of time, they were well aware of the integral connection between both mankind and nature. In the beginning, Celtic astrology was not a relationship between zodiac symbols and people, but a relationship between the Celts and trees that would signify certain characteristics about a person depending upon the time of the year that they were born. Each tree is representative of personality traits that a person will have, similar to how other forms of astrology are designed. There was also the concept of the dark and light halves of the year, something that was representative also of the life, death and rebirth cycle.

Celtic Tree Symbols And Traits

There are 13 trees that are part of Celtic astrology which include the birch, rowan, ash, and alder tree to name a few. Each one of the trees is associated with a different animal, each with their own characteristics. In the same way that Chinese astrology also uses the Dragon to represent one of its zodiac signs, so also do the Celts. It would seem that the Dragon may have been a real animal at some point in time due to the correlation between Chinese and Druid astrology. Astrological charts could be designed based upon a person's date of birth and the sign and tree for which they were associated. There seems to be some validity to this particular pseudoscience simply because it has existed for so long, and many people do possess a large number of the traits associated with their particular zodiac sign.

Celtic astrology is one of the most unique in the world because of its connection to nature, in combination with the signs of the zodiac in the sky. If you are able to find an astrologist that can provide a natal chart for you, using the signs of the Celtic zodiac and the trees that are also associated, it may very well be an important decision that can change your life.

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