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Bigger The Penis, Better Love Life

When a man is physically and mentally fit, how does the penile size hinder his sexual life? Is having the correct size very essential for proper erection? There are many similar questions regarding the penis functioning. Men should first try to clear all their doubts which itself is a great stress reliever. There are many misconceptions about the penile size and many are unable to indulge in sexual activities because of the thought that they do not hit the specified criteria. But research was never able to prove the right size of the penis.

Like how foot size differs in all of us, penis size also differs in men. The size is generally between 5.1-5.9 inches. Anything between this is good for a happy and pleasurable relationship. There is no point in measuring the size when the penis is in its normal mood i.e. when it is flabby. It can be however when it is sleeping. All it has to do is only during the erection time. It has to meet the range so that it becomes an enjoyable moment for both the male and the female. Size has nothing to do with potency. Information via: Men's Tool Kit

Temperatures also play a role in determining the penile size. When a man is having a shower in cold water, his penis will shrink and it becomes very tiny to absolutely nothing sometimes. But it is the other way round when the temperature is a little high. Why do you think people sweat when they are in the bed together? It is because of the internal temperature. This increased heat is one of the reasons for an improved penile size, in turn a better and congenial intercourse.

Myths about penile size:

Many people think that a fat man has a bigger and better penis than a puny one but this is not true. The longest cock, measuring close to 5.5 inches was found in a thin, man. While the smallest measuring cock of 2.25 inches belonged to a stout man. Similarly, many think that tall guys have a bigger penis than the stunted guys which again is a myth.

The size starts worrying men, when he enters his late teens. This is when he understands and realizes how important it is to have the correct penile size. He always feels better with few inches more. But to those men who have this misconception, let`s now break the beans. Your penile size does not matter at all in attracting the opposite sex. They do not, in fact, bother to even see if you are showing off your cock or not.

So do not conceive facts about yourself. Be mentally strong, this would strengthen your penis.