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How To Know If You Are Dating A Narcissist Man

A narcissist is a person who is said to have a lot of admiration for himself or herself and enjoys it deeply when other people admire him or her. The people with such disorders see other people as being inferior to them and usually disregard the feelings of other people around them. A narcissist, however, behind that facade of self-confidence, self-absorbance and superiority, is a person who is easily broken and is vulnerable to any form of criticism, no matter how tiny it may seem.

How can one know when they are dating a narcissist?

There are some easy to tell, signs that warn you and some are listed here:

a.) They talk too much about themselves Narcissists love to portray themselves as being the best of the very best. They dominate conversations, especially so that they can get a chance to describe themselves in huge majestic terms, illustrating how they saved the day in some situations and listing their achievements and their accomplishments. They love to flaunt their material wealth and their life exploits so that they make other people look inferior and portray themselves as superior.

b.) They are charming, but with strings attached Narcissists do not do anything for nothing. They only do something when it matches their own interests and love is no different to them. They are charming people, actually very charming and have often been compared with salespersons and they can catch your heart, but their flattery for someone ends as soon as they have achieved what they wanted. They shower their interests with lots of love and gifts and sweep them off their feet, only to drop them as soon as they are done using them to their advantage.

c.) They break their word often and are not reliable Narcissists are good at making promises. They promise you heaven but cannot deliver it. They do not make any follow-ups to their promises and are therefore not reliable. This can include organizing dates and postponing the last minute, making agreements which they cannot keep and being undependable. If someone you love is inconsistent in the way he or she handles you, you may have in your hand a narcissist who can be there for you one instant and very distant the next minute.

d) They are very impatient and want their way A person who is a narcissist likes to have his way and nobody elses. Narcissists spend a lot of time prodding their spouses and other acquaintances to do things in a certain manner even if they (their partners) are not comfortable with doing things in that manner. They get impatient and can throw a tantrum if they do not have their way or are denied what they want as they feel that they are always right and everyone else is wrong. Their impatience may be as a result of someone simply not answering their texts fast enough to their liking or not picking up calls.


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