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Are Online Legal Services A Good Idea?

It is so easy to access everything on the internet nowadays. All the information is already there and the a lot of people take advantage of it by opting to use this knowledge to do things themselves - from cooking complicated recipes to fixing cars. Along with this, there are also an emergence of legal websites that allow people to get information on how to represent themselves and act as their own lawyers.

These websites offer simple questionnaires that you will need to fill in online, charge a fee, and send the documents through the client’s mail. Among the cases that people commonly turn to these websites for are wills, patents, incorporations, leases and other basic documents. They opt to go down this track because it is definitely cheaper than paying for legal services from actual lawyers and this takes less of their time. These are considerable reasons but is this really a good idea?

You may get the impression that the products and services that you receive from these online sites are similar to that of an actual lawyer, only cheaper. However, there is no guarantee that their services will be comparable to that of an actual attorney. Here is a list of issues gathered from SiteJabber's users that may arise if you go down this road.

  • The customer services can be inadequate. Some clients who have turned to these websites for their legal services mandurah packages found out that at some sites, it was difficult to find someone to discuss with and that they really did not provide sufficient information.
  • The documents that you purchase from these sites may not be accepted in court. Some consumers have complained that they have completed and paid for these documents online only to learn that they the court considers them invalid and unacceptable.
  • The documents may be filed incorrectly by these legal sites. There have also been complaints about how their requests were incorrectly processed and ended up being charged extra fees to correct the mistakes.
  • Some consumers also complained that in their search for an attorney within their locale, they paid these online sites and were even happy after seeing that they will be given special discounts. It would turn out that these matches were a bust and that it would have been less expensive if they looked for a local attorney on their own.
  • Some of these legal sites will charge you additional fees. After using the sites' services, some clients reported having been billed recurring fees for things like asking questions online.

It may be cheap and fast but it does not mean that it will get the job done. Finding and paying an actual lawyer will always be the best option. But for some people, this option works for them. If you want to try this method, do not be hasty. Compare the fees first and research about the reviews from previous clients.


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