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Do You Need A Family Lawyer?

It would seem that serious issues within family relationships are somewhat inevitable in modern life. It is therefore necessary to have the right information and skills to deal with any such matters as they arise.

In some instances, just being able to communicate effectively will be enough to resolve many issues. However, there may be some circumstances whereby conversations around the kitchen table will simply not be enough to reach a good resolution.

In these situations, the intervention of a family lawyer may be not only advisable, but actually assist in resolving matters in a timely and cost effective way, with the minimum of disruption and stress for all parties. Even when changes to the family structure and functioning are agreed upon in a friendly manner, it is essential to seek the input of a family law specialist if legal issues are involved. These may include separation and divorce, children and parenting arrangements, property and financial settlements, child support and child maintenance and even spousal maintenance.

Family law is complicated, you can't hope to navigate your way through without professional assistance. If children are involved, it is imperative you have the input of an accredited family law solicitor.

Just because you have a lawyer involved, it doesn't mean you will inevitably have to go to court. There are a range of alternative services available such as family dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration. A good family lawyer will recommend that parties go to court as a last resort only, or where there is an urgent need to protect children or property.

Rather than pushing people towards the courts to bring a resolution to problems, the family law system in Australia encourages people to agree on arrangements without going to court. There are a range of services available, both paid and unpaid, that assist by providing both information and also referrals to other services that can assist with dispute resolution. Your family law solicitor will be able to advise you regarding the best options for your individual case.

Of course, there will always be cases where agreement cannot be reached - such as within families that have young children, where the couple cannot agree on parenting arrangements. Such cases will go before the family law courts which have the jurisdiction to make orders on those issues. In this case Final Parenting Orders would be the outcome issued by the judge.

In the event that matters do go to court, it is vital to engage the services of an experienced, properly accredited family law specialist, with good access to expert family law barristers, as required.

Every case, every family, every relationship is different - and family law is a complex field. It will likely be a very difficult time for the people going through the process, so it is important to ensure your legal representatives are competent, compassionate and act with the utmost integrity.


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